Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Babble...with photos

So sleepy. But wanted to at least put some words to paper....or keystrokes to computer screen, I should say.

The thing is I am so sleepy that my brain is mush and I can't think of anything of substance to talk about right now. But heck, who says it has to be substance, right? I will select photos to wow you instead.

Ok - stream of consciousness. Here goes.

Pukey dog on the right (Tucker)...spastic
dog on the left (Pippa)
Ate an entire bunch of roasted kale tonight...all of it. Stood at the stove and ate it all...yum. Think I have some still hiding in my teeth. Mental note: must brush teeth before bedtime....and floss. Dog threw up green beans today and now I am wondering if he also threw up the heartworm tablet I gave him.  Heartworm makes me think of fleas and ticks, which makes me think of mosquitos and the recent news about West Nile virus...don't get me wrong, I know it can be serious. But seriously, how do you really keep mosquitos at bay? I mean really....other than staying inside 100% of the time and you know that's not happening.  And you don't want to Deet yourself 24/7 'cause you know that crap HAS to mess with your DNA in some way....uh, yep, I know...this has nothing to do with BTWG stuff.

Niece Allie who is the most
beautiful-souled person I
know. Being family, you are
correct to assume she also
has toe hair.
Next stream of consciousness. My niece confirmed she is visiting over labor day and I confirmed with her that I signed her up to run a 5k with me on Monday. BUT she can't run it due to hip pain which she's getting physical therapy for (those 25 year olds - they just can't keep up...heehee) so she's going to walk it. I interrupted my work today to go run a couple miles in Pioneer Park in Mooresville....great park for a paved run. Must, must fulfill my goal of checking out more parks across Indiana.  Laughing now thinking of the last time a group of us ran at Morgan Monroe and the 6 mile run I promised them turned out to be 8 miles...oops!  Thought there was going to be a rebellion over that one!  Does anyone else have hair on their toes?  Let me any other women have hair on their toes?  Speaking of which, I have a friend who works in a laser hair removal place if anyone ever is looking for that service....lip, chin, legs, armpits (I am currently having armpits it!), bikini, etc.
Sherri's "fred flintstone feet in Akumal Mexico;
all traces of toe hair removed by a Bic razor 

Signed up to do an obstacle course race with four guys on sept. 8. Women's half marathon is on sept. 1.  On sept. 16, I have a 20 mile run in Illinois.  For anyone in BTWG who wants to try a trail run, join a few of the mentors as we run and walk in W. Lafayette at  Ft. Quiantenon on Sept. 30. Hmmm....just lost hearing my right ear...all the outdoor cricket noise just switched over entirely to my left ear. Odd.

Lots to do tomorrow work wise. Also need to fit in a visit to Scott's grandfather who is in a nursing home in Bloomington, then off to PR Fitness to do the Wed. cardio workout with BTWG folks or alone if their schedules change.  Ah, need to post recipes. Repeat to self: post recipes, post recipes.

THERE!  I had a stream of consciousness BTWG to bed now.  Sorry to send you to bed with the nightmarish image of my hairy toes and a glimpse into my scattered mind.

Goodnight, friends.

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