Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"AH HA" Moments

What?? BTWG concluding?

Nah. Just turning a new page in the same BTWG book of health, well being, and fitness. So, here's just a smattering of BTWG/Sherri thoughts.

1) Thanks to all of the BTWG folks for all the insights they shared from their heads and hearts. You have no idea how much your enthusiasm and excitement keep us fired up and motivated.  Your "ah ha" moments remind us of the "ah ha" moments we had during our BTWG class, and more importantly, they remind us that we should always be open and seeking those "ah ha" moments. They never end in life unless we close ourselves off to them.

2) Something that stuck with me during a conversation with Cindy and Jenna.  We were chatting after a run together and as we the conversation turned to weight loss, one of the gals mentioned a friend who struggled with her own weight issues and was sensitive when comments were made about her weight.  Did you immediately just now assume this friend was overweight?  So did I. But there was yet another "ah ha" moment when Cindy shared that her friend ACTUALLY was sensitive to comments about being too slender, about being too "skinny".  Interesting to consider how there are always two sides to the coin, right?  Your struggles are sometimes the exact opposite health struggles of others.  Don't assume that just because a person is slender that they aren't facing their own food andexercise and body image challenges.  A good reminder "it's not all about you". You are just one manifestation of life and not more or less valid than anyone else's manifestation.

3)  I am having trouble thinking of our fellow BTWG'er Kat without having bacon come to mind. I see articles now on bacon. I send them to Kat. I eat bacon and I think of Kat. I just saw a pillow and blanket with a bacon design all over it (truly hideous but it did make me salivate a little) and sent it to Kat.  I read a very sad article about a farmer who recently fell into his pigpen and his pigs actually ate him with few body parts found (seriously, it was a horrific article ) AND I thought of Kat. (Who knew pigs were so aggressive!) Kat, so sorry....but you are now defined by pork products in my mind.  There ARE worse ways to be thought of.  :)

4)  What part of your life are you living that you aren't happy about? What have you - over time - come to accept as a normal part of your life that doesn't serve you? A conversation with a friend recently about a toxic work environment led her to say to me, "Well, you know the story about the frog," she said.   Hmmmm...frog? What frog? Turns out I didn't know the story and had to ask.  If you put a frog into a pot of cold water, then put the pot on the stove and gradually heat the water, the frog will NOT jump out. It becomes acclimated to the gradually changing environment until  - POOF - you have boiled frog legs - and sadly, a dead frog.  BUT, if you put a pot of water on the stove, heat it up to boiling and then drop a frog in, what happens?  That sucker jumps out - and FAST!  (sidenote: hoping  no one ever really tried these experiments with a poor frog.)   The lesson?  A good one...sometimes over time, ever so gradually, we get accustomed to what we do day to day, what we put up with, what we come to think of as "normal" or "acceptable".....and the truth is sometimes it ain't all that good OR it's good but it could be better !!  Anyway, I think of the frog story now and then to keep me questioning, questioning, questioning!  Shannon and Jenna and Karie and Sonia, in the same way that pork makes me think "Kat" (heehee), you all make me think "FROG".  Bravo to you for all the very exciting newness and opportunity and fresh views you've brought into your life.

5) Looking forward to sticking together as a group for events and continued enlightenment!!  Make sure you stay close and find camaraderie and support from this BTWG group and others. It's still easier than I can to admit to stray from the fitness and wellness path even after all these years, but being with others with a like-minded focus really make things easier....AND more fun!   Please consider coming to PR Fitness for some workouts or yoga classes so we can continue to share in the journey!

CONGRATS ALL for everything you accomplished and learned and shared during BTWG...and thank you.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ice, Ice, Baby

For those of us who tend to fly about with our hair on fire (busy, busy, busy), taking the time to ice an injury or an ache is - well - something we think about often but never quite get around to doing.

But two weeks ago I relented when my walking style turned into an unattractive hobble. Ice became my ankle and calf's best friend...and lo and behold  (side note: What exactly do "lo" mean?), my strain started feeling better within two days. What do you know!

It worked so well and so quickly that I put some ice on my achy shoulder that became very ouchy after one too many gorilla walks in the gym.  Hmmm....amazing. That seemed to help too.  Duh, Sherri.  First Aid 101.

Velcro ice packs from ankle to thigh...who
needs fishnet stockings?
Husband Scott has had several knee surgeries over the past 20 years and we still have all his large wrap-around-the-leg-secure-with-velcro ice packs. And if you don't secure them with velcro, they lay flat which allows me to rest my 46-year-old sacrum and lower back right on that cold surface and go to sleep with it under me.  In fact, after tonight's kettlebell swing-fest, I am going to do just that !

The point of all this? Don't ignore the aches and pains like I did with my ankle...because that ankle pull moved into my calf and sidelined me for a few weeks. Sidelined = frustration.

While aches and pains can mean you've simply pushed to a new level of asking your body to do something new and challenging, consistent pain is always something you want to explore.

So, after I take a hot, steamy shower to clean off the PRFitness stank from tonight's workout, I am moving on to an evening with my best friend and buddy Mr. Ice.

This Sunday I have a 20 mile run along the St. Charles river in Illinois. Provided I don't keel over at mile 17, roll down an incline, and fall into the river (heehee), you can rest assured that my ride home will involve 4 velcro ice packs, 2 encircling my calves and 2 wrapped around my thighs.  I iced up this way after the Circular Marathon this past March. After running/walking 26.2 miles followed by a 2 hour celebration at a local bar with PR Fitness friends, I wrapped up my legs and the next day I had NO significant pain in my legs or tush.  Part of that was being physically ready for that race BUT a lot of it had to do with icing my legs post race.

Speaking of the Circular Marathon, registration opens on Nov. 1 for this March 2013 event that lets you run/walk a 1-mile loop 26 times. It's a great, safe way to run/walk your first marathon since you pass by your "camp" each time and can grab a drink or bite of food - or even stop if your body say "enough"!!  Think about it!   Who's in????  C'mon - you know you WANT to do it !!  And more importantly, you know i won't stop asking you until you say yes!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Other unhealthy patterns/habits...

IF. This. Marriage. Survives. Current. Toilet Project. I. Will Be. Amazed.


And yes, "Phew" since a toilet is involved.

I had an epiphany today about an unhealthy pattern in my life. My unhealthy pattern includes asking my husband to do handyman jobs around the house. His unhealthy pattern is agreeing to do them.  We both KNOW this will lead to grumpiness and completely confirm what we already know which is this: we are about as different as two people can every way.

After 20 years of marriage and 20 years of attempted handyman projects, you'd think I'd learn the most basic lesson which is:  Hire the f*cking job out or do it myself!

I wanted the 5-month-old toilet reset so it was level. Currently, you sit your bum on my toilet seat and you will feel like you are sitting in a hard, cold version of the reclining chair in the living room - in recline position. I don't want to sit on a toilet where my gaze is actually directed upward to where the wall intersects the ceiling and my toes barely skim the ground.

I went back and forth for the past month about doing the job myself and then decided I'd ask Scott to do it instead. Yes, I typically try to pawn off the nastiest jobs.  If he wasn't interested though, then I'd do it. But, he said yes.

Scott and me post-Mud Run in June &
smiling since no home projects were involved.
As of this moment, Scott is making another run to Lowe's. It is a good thing our paths have parted for a while. Scott and I approach projects in such different ways that we inevitably end up completely ticked off at each other.

Today's project makes me think of another one in particular. I laugh out loud thinking about it. Maybe 10 years ago Scott tried to install a bathroom fan (hmm....I see a bathroom pattern also!). He was having fits with it and I just knew he was on his way to electrocuting himself. Several times I thought he had because there'd be loud verbal eruptions full of four letter words, followed by bangs. "You ok?" I'd call up. More verbal eruptions served as evidence that he was still alive.  I checked in once to find the fan itself on the ground, an opening in the ceiling where the fan was to be mounted, and Scott so furious with the project that he would not smile or laugh or kid with me about it. I, of course, couldn't stop smiling, laughing and kidding about it, which only made him more tense. Imagine that.

So, I removed myself from the fan installation project, until I heard a huge "POP-WHOOSH-WHINE" all in quick succession.  I hurried upstairs and pushed open the door to the bathroom....and there was Scott, looking stunned, standing on a small step stool, directly below the ceiling opening for the fan, Shop-Vac hose in one hand and the Shop-Vac canister in the other hand....and insulation falling like ash around him from BOTH the hole in the ceiling AND from the Shop-Vac canister, which had blown up and sent its contents spewing.  I hit the ground laughing, then promptly called both sisters and my best friend to share the story.

It took Scott 8 years to be able to work up a terse smile about that project. Eight years.

He hasn't laughed about it yet.

Just before beginning this blog, I called Scott as he drove to Lowe's  for more supplies for today's project. "Well," I said with a laugh, "At least there's no Shop-Vac explosion and floating insulation associated with this project!"

Silence. Looks like getting a laugh out of him about that will take another 8 years.

Whew. Phew. But I feel better.  Thanks for listening!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Tiny Mint Chicken Burgers

Tiny Mint Chicken Burgers

These are amazingly flavorful.  The ginger and the mint somehow combine to keep the meat very moist and light.  AND it's simple!  Optional to serve with a sauce made of some diced cucumbers mixed into a smidge of plain greek yogurt.   If you have left over ginger root, use some chunks in your tea to spice things up.

1 pound ground chicken or turkey
1 small red or yellow onion OR 4 green onions, finely chopped
1 tbsp finely chopped fresh ginger
1/2 cup chopped fresh mint
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro (including stems)
1 large egg, slightly beaten
1 or 2 small green Thai chilies, seeded and finely chopped (optional)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp olive oil

Combine all ingredients expect olive oil and mix thoroughly. Shape by 1/3 cupfuls into 2-1/2 inch round patties.

Heat oil in a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Fry patties until browned and cooked through, 5 to 7 minutes, turning once and taking care not to char the outside of the patties before the inside is cooked.

**I have not baked these but I bet they would be good that way...OH, and maybe baking them in a cast-iron muffin pan...mmmmm.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Babble...with photos

So sleepy. But wanted to at least put some words to paper....or keystrokes to computer screen, I should say.

The thing is I am so sleepy that my brain is mush and I can't think of anything of substance to talk about right now. But heck, who says it has to be substance, right? I will select photos to wow you instead.

Ok - stream of consciousness. Here goes.

Pukey dog on the right (Tucker)...spastic
dog on the left (Pippa)
Ate an entire bunch of roasted kale tonight...all of it. Stood at the stove and ate it all...yum. Think I have some still hiding in my teeth. Mental note: must brush teeth before bedtime....and floss. Dog threw up green beans today and now I am wondering if he also threw up the heartworm tablet I gave him.  Heartworm makes me think of fleas and ticks, which makes me think of mosquitos and the recent news about West Nile virus...don't get me wrong, I know it can be serious. But seriously, how do you really keep mosquitos at bay? I mean really....other than staying inside 100% of the time and you know that's not happening.  And you don't want to Deet yourself 24/7 'cause you know that crap HAS to mess with your DNA in some way....uh, yep, I know...this has nothing to do with BTWG stuff.

Niece Allie who is the most
beautiful-souled person I
know. Being family, you are
correct to assume she also
has toe hair.
Next stream of consciousness. My niece confirmed she is visiting over labor day and I confirmed with her that I signed her up to run a 5k with me on Monday. BUT she can't run it due to hip pain which she's getting physical therapy for (those 25 year olds - they just can't keep up...heehee) so she's going to walk it. I interrupted my work today to go run a couple miles in Pioneer Park in Mooresville....great park for a paved run. Must, must fulfill my goal of checking out more parks across Indiana.  Laughing now thinking of the last time a group of us ran at Morgan Monroe and the 6 mile run I promised them turned out to be 8 miles...oops!  Thought there was going to be a rebellion over that one!  Does anyone else have hair on their toes?  Let me any other women have hair on their toes?  Speaking of which, I have a friend who works in a laser hair removal place if anyone ever is looking for that service....lip, chin, legs, armpits (I am currently having armpits it!), bikini, etc.
Sherri's "fred flintstone feet in Akumal Mexico;
all traces of toe hair removed by a Bic razor 

Signed up to do an obstacle course race with four guys on sept. 8. Women's half marathon is on sept. 1.  On sept. 16, I have a 20 mile run in Illinois.  For anyone in BTWG who wants to try a trail run, join a few of the mentors as we run and walk in W. Lafayette at  Ft. Quiantenon on Sept. 30. Hmmm....just lost hearing my right ear...all the outdoor cricket noise just switched over entirely to my left ear. Odd.

Lots to do tomorrow work wise. Also need to fit in a visit to Scott's grandfather who is in a nursing home in Bloomington, then off to PR Fitness to do the Wed. cardio workout with BTWG folks or alone if their schedules change.  Ah, need to post recipes. Repeat to self: post recipes, post recipes.

THERE!  I had a stream of consciousness BTWG to bed now.  Sorry to send you to bed with the nightmarish image of my hairy toes and a glimpse into my scattered mind.

Goodnight, friends.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to Blogging on August 18, 2012

In reading the current BTWG blogs and revisiting some of the old ones from my BTWG days, I've decided to jump back into blogging.  Why? It's fun. It's therapeutic. It's insightful.

Of course, with technology constantly changing, it appears I can't interact with my old blog as I used to and instead am being forced to work in a new blog environment with new commands to post this entry.

I find adapting my nutrition and workouts to new routines is infinitely easier than embracing technology enhancements and update. They just piss me off. breath....let go of the anger you are experiencing toward all things computerized.....sigh. All better now.

So, my first blog is to say this.  I LOVED spending this morning with the BTWG group that came out for the 100 Acres trail run and intervals. Great weather. Great company. Great achievements. Was blessed to watch one of our members today have a empowering breakthrough while trail running that brought her and the others with her to joyful tears.

Was so proud of another BTWG member who shared that one of her fears was that she'd lose momentum if she paid too much attention to a recent injury - and was even prouder of her when she heard us say, "Never ignore an injury that could get worse and REALLY sideline you." Prouder yet when she heard our final comments of, "An injury to one part of the body does not always mean you stop exercising the rest of the body, so therefore, you never fall out of the habit of healthy living."

Was equally as full of heart watching another member let the trail run unfold as nothing but FUN. No competition - with herself or others. No need to time the pace and go faster.  She was just reveling in "being".

And how wonderful it was to hear from another person today that -- despite being a moment away from throwing BTWG to the wayside given some of the obstacles work and loved ones are throwing in her path -- she decided HECK NO, I am staying committed because this program is good for me!

And lastly, how great it was to have my "old" BTWG buddies at the park too to spend the morning with.

All in all, it's been a damn good day.  Ah, blog post #1 in this new Blog environment completed and with very little technical difficulty. (That said, I am still going to copy and paste this blog into Word just in case it blows up when I try to save it the "new and improved" way!