Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to Blogging on August 18, 2012

In reading the current BTWG blogs and revisiting some of the old ones from my BTWG days, I've decided to jump back into blogging.  Why? It's fun. It's therapeutic. It's insightful.

Of course, with technology constantly changing, it appears I can't interact with my old blog as I used to and instead am being forced to work in a new blog environment with new commands to post this entry.

I find adapting my nutrition and workouts to new routines is infinitely easier than embracing technology enhancements and update. They just piss me off. breath....let go of the anger you are experiencing toward all things computerized.....sigh. All better now.

So, my first blog is to say this.  I LOVED spending this morning with the BTWG group that came out for the 100 Acres trail run and intervals. Great weather. Great company. Great achievements. Was blessed to watch one of our members today have a empowering breakthrough while trail running that brought her and the others with her to joyful tears.

Was so proud of another BTWG member who shared that one of her fears was that she'd lose momentum if she paid too much attention to a recent injury - and was even prouder of her when she heard us say, "Never ignore an injury that could get worse and REALLY sideline you." Prouder yet when she heard our final comments of, "An injury to one part of the body does not always mean you stop exercising the rest of the body, so therefore, you never fall out of the habit of healthy living."

Was equally as full of heart watching another member let the trail run unfold as nothing but FUN. No competition - with herself or others. No need to time the pace and go faster.  She was just reveling in "being".

And how wonderful it was to hear from another person today that -- despite being a moment away from throwing BTWG to the wayside given some of the obstacles work and loved ones are throwing in her path -- she decided HECK NO, I am staying committed because this program is good for me!

And lastly, how great it was to have my "old" BTWG buddies at the park too to spend the morning with.

All in all, it's been a damn good day.  Ah, blog post #1 in this new Blog environment completed and with very little technical difficulty. (That said, I am still going to copy and paste this blog into Word just in case it blows up when I try to save it the "new and improved" way!


  1. Well said! It was a morning to remember for sure...different reasons for each of us but still one for the memory banks! Appreciate you so much Sherri!!! and...welcome back to the 'blog' world!

  2. I agree with Cindy! I loved Saturday was an inspiring day, and a fun adventure!